Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Cooking a Lost Skill

Lately I have noticed that many younger women get married with little or no skill of cooking at home.

With the disentigration of the family, and mothers working outside the home, the art of home cooking is getting lost. Girls (and boys) aren't being taught how to cook. They can open cans, microwave frozen dinners, or maybe make Ramen, but that is about it.

I have decided to try to make a difference in the lives of some women at church and started a basic cooking class. Attendance is sparce, but those who have come seemed to learn some and have a good time. I invited anyone with interest. It is fun to get women with more skill than I have to come and help to improve my skill.

I found that it is hard for me to share actuall recipes. I don't know where I learned, but I many times just mix without measuring (when cooking, not baking!). So it is good for me to think and write things down. That way I can share my recipes with others including my children.

My older children bake and do some cooking. I am hoping to have them be self sufficient when they some day move out on their own. It is fun to watch them learn. They really get a kick out of making their own birthday cakes. That doesn't hurt my feelings. We have a birthday this weekend. I will post their birthday cake creation.

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  1. In Rio Rancho I noticed that the young mothers talked a lot about how much they were spending on groceries, what to buy, what to make, they seemed to be lost. When one young mother mentioned that she was spending 800.00 per month, (her husband was a school teacher) I nearly fainted. I hosted a how to shop class at my house, and we talked about how to make menus, how to shop sales, and when to worry or not worry about organic foods vs. mainstream foods. They soaked it up and a cooking class branched out of it. They were really glad to have some direction. The 800.00 a month grocery shopper cut her costs nearly in half in a few weeks of learning, and was amazed that she could do that. What is wrong with our LDS mamas? The girls had all been taught to scrapbook and shop at the mall, but they had no clue about basics.